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How to make wise financial decisions, save more

If you want to learn how to make wise financial decisions, save more, and get out of debt, you’re in luck. There are now many free online personal finance courses that can help you improve your money management skills.

“Remember, online personal finance courses should be viewed as educational materials and not specific advice on personal finance,” says Drew Feutz, an Indianapolis-based certified financial planner and co-founder of Migration Wealth Management. “The information you learn in a personal finance course should be applied in the context of your financial situation, rather than following everything that is taught 100%.”

Feutz notes that too often people take something from an expert or course for read or hear about personal finance that compels them to take action.”Some of the things you learn in a personal finance course may not apply to you or your life,” she says. However, not only can some personal finance lessons help you improve your money management skills, they can stimulate you to think about your saving and spending habits and help you lay a solid foundation for success . You may also delve into topics such as Roth IRAs, 401(k), stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, and credit card debt elimination strategies. In short, it never hurts to be more informed about what you’re spending your money on.

If you can be better informed without spending money, all the better.Here are 12 valuable online personal finance courses you can take for free:
Finance for All: Tools for Smart Decision-Making.
Personal Finance Fundamentals McGill.
Personal Finance Course at Brigham Young University. Personal Finance 101.Planning for a Safe Retirement
Purdue University.
Behavioral Finance course from Duke University.
University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign Financial Planning for Young Adults. An introduction to personal financial debt management.Marginal Revolution University
Financial Skills.
Khan Academy Personal Finance Course.
risk, pension and investment planning.
Working Smarter, Not Harder: Personal Time Management and Professional Productivity.

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