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Buying Rules to Reduce Impulse Spending

Whether you’re buying small things like groceries or big things like a new car, it’s easy to go overboard and overspend.

This is especially true when stores and websites are designed to encourage you to spend as much as possible, even as inflation increases the cost of almost everything.

Present these simple rules to reduce impulse buying.
One way to avoid unfortunate spending is to establish simple rules to reduce impulse buying.

“Retailers are experts at removing obstacles or friction in the buying process,” says Scott Rick, professor of marketing at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, who studies financial decision-making.

This means that even if you’ve taken the time to create a budget, it can be difficult to stick to.If you’re worried about your spending increasing, consider the following rules:

Finding a Trusted Financial Advisor

  1. Finding a trusted financial advisor doesn’t have to be difficult. The free SmartAsset tool connects you with up to 3 financial advisors in your area within 5 minutes.
  2. Each advisor has been verified by SmartAsset and meets Trusteeship standards to act in your best interests.Start the journey to achieve your financial goals! “Leaving your credit cards at home is an easy way to limit the damage you can do,” says Rick. Physically handing cash to the teller not only prevents you from not spending more than you brought in cash, but can also help you see the impact of spending more, than just swiping your card or tapping your phone.

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