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Track and manage your subscriptions with these apps

subscriptions are now available for everything from multivitamins to movies, and the costs can add up quickly.

While consumers estimate that they spend $86 a month on subscriptions, the average monthly spend is actually $219, according to a 2022 study by C+R Research. Also, people tend to subscribe to automatic payments and then forget about it. In fact, 42% of people surveyed by C+R Research say they still pay for a recurring monthly subscription they previously forgot about.

To avoid this costly mistake, consider using one of the following apps to track your subscription spend.Some even cancel unnecessary subscriptions.

Rocket Silver.
Cut off a middle finger.
mint. Simplify
Track my subscriptions.
Of course, you don’t need any special application to manage your subscriptions. Many banking apps make it easy to track recurring payments, and a paper calendar is a tried-and-true tool for keeping track of upcoming bills. However, these digital tools can offer additional features that are not available elsewhere.

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